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Entertainment / Bowling / Differential: It is the difference between the lowest and highest RGs. You compute the high and subtract the low from that and you have the differential. There is no minimum for differential. What differential tells you: RG Differential is an indicator of track flare POTENTIAL in a bowling ball. Differentials in the .01s to .02s would mean that a ball has a lower track flare potential, .03s to .04s would be the MORE

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Other Words for Fine

Fine Noun Synonyms
superior, excellent, superb, magnificent, supreme, marvelous, exceptional, splendid, exquisite, elegant, first-class, first-rate, prime, choice, select, top-grade, high-grade, top-drawer, quality, admirable, great, good, satisfactory
He is a connoisseur of fine paintings. She turned in a fine performance.

sunny, fair, bright, clear, cloudless, balmy, pleasant, dry, nice
It was a fine day for a picnic.

Fine Adjective Synonyms
enjoyable, satisfying, entertaining, amusing, good, interesting, pleasant, nice
Thank you for inviting us to such a fine party.

accomplished, skilful, consummate, outstanding, masterly, brilliant, virtuoso
Ann-Sofie is a fine pianist.

delicate, subtle, exquisite, well-made, dainty, elegant, superior, excellent, outstanding
What a fine example of miniature-painting.

powdered, powdery, pulverized, comminuted, crushed, fine-grained
As soon as they touched the papyrus, it disintegrated into a fine powder.

sharp, keen, keen-edged, razor-sharp, pointed, acute
The points of the sea urchin's spines are so fine you don't feel them enter.

subtle, delicate, refined, acute, keen, discriminating, critical, precise, nice, hair-splitting
There is sometimes a fine distinction between pleasure and pain.

good-looking, handsome, attractive, striking, beautiful, pretty, lovely, seemly, fair, comely, cute, bonny
Jeanette married a fine young man.

meritorious, worthy, commendable, admirable, excellent, superb, splendid, good, great
She has displayed fine courage in the face of terrible family problems.

healthy, well, healthful, robust, all right, OK, okay
I told the doctor that I was feeling fine.

Arriving at the airport with only minutes to spare is cutting it pretty fine.

penalty, charge, fee, mulct, forfeit, amercement, forfeiture
He was unable to pay the parking fine.

penalize, charge, mulct, amerce
She was fined for parking at a bus stop.

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